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The best things in life are free! So is Mussel App!

It’s been a while since we reached out, but we assure you it was for a good reason! We have an exciting bombshell announcement to share with you all.

Thanks to the generous support of the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) grant, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Mussel App Free Version! Yes, you read that right—it’s now available for download from App Store and Google Play.

“But what’s the catch?” you might ask. Well, the good news is, there’s absolutely none! We’ve been listening to your feedback, especially from small farm operators, who expressed the need for a digital log of their operations and a clear view of what’s happening on their lines. The free version of the Mussel App offers precisely that. Manage your operations efficiently and keep track of all your activities hassle-free.

Download Mussel App free version here:

Disclaimer: While we’re confident Mussel App will help your daily operations, it is still in Beta version so feel free to reach out if you have any issues!

And to our valued premium subscribers, we haven’t forgotten about you!

We are excited to introduce two major functionalities exclusive to our premium users:

Automatic season recognition and performance tracking

Gain valuable insights with just one click! Now you can easily monitor your average growth per month and identify outstanding lines with ease.

Easy line season-to-season comparison

Making informed decisions has never been easier. Compare all your lines on a single page, both current and previous seasons, using the main metric kg/m of growth. You can now assess how your seasons stack up against each other based on variables like density or depth.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to introduce an enhancement to reporting capabilities. With the new update, you can enjoy automatic email reporting and Excel exports! Simply schedule and automate the delivery of reports to any email address of your choice, and conveniently export data into Excel format.

Finally! Attention to all mussel farmers not operating on long lines, oyster farmers, and seaweed farmers!

We are excited to announce that we will be extending our free version offer to include all of you as well! As we face the forecasted highest ocean temperatures in history this year, it’s crucial to unite our efforts and conduct research together to combat the potential impacts of rising sea temperatures.
Contact us today, and let’s collaborate to add you to our free version. Together, we can proactively address the challenges posed by the increasing ocean temperatures.