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Aquaculture Farm Management at Your Fingertips

Imagine empowering your team with instant access to complete farm information through their phones. Say goodbye to costly mistakes, such as lost mussel lines, unchecked oyster boxes*, or forgotten tank checks*. Our intuitive app facilitates seamless communication and provides a comprehensive management system, placing critical reports just a tap away.

Inventory Tracking

Maintain an impeccable record of your equipment with our tracking features. From long lines to cages and floats, track everything. You can also visualise submerged equipment and GPS track it*. This clarity not only bolsters farm operations and reduces the risk of losses but also enhances your credibility with financial and insurance entities.

Complete Lifecycle Monitoring

We follow your aquaculture species from acquisition, hatchery or wild catch to harvest, providing a detailed success rate by comparing seeding and yield. With all environmental data recorded, our forecasting algorithms work to forecast harvest times and optimise yield predictions. Our goal is to find the best practices to increase your yield.

One-Click Reporting

Compiling farm reports can be a time-consuming task. Our digital solutions streamline the process, offering digitised forms and comprehensive reports in various formats, including online views, PDFs, and Excel files. A single click now replaces hours of manual data compilation, simplifying insurance and regulatory compliance.

Informed Decision-Making with Statistics

Our statistics do more than track growth – they inform your strategy. By analysing data such as average growth rates, float load capacities, and processing speeds, you’ll gain insights that could take years to accumulate through traditional methods.

Predictive Insights for Enhanced Productivity

While we’re pioneering predictability in mussel farming, our sights are set on advancing this across all species. Our system offers forecasts on reseeding schedules, yield current estimated weight, floating requirements, and harvest timings, all derived from historical data to anticipate your farm’s needs accurately.

Centralised Task Management

Coordinate your team effortlessly with our centralised control panel. Automate tasks, manage risks, and set reminders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. For contractors or hourly teams, our time management features help track productivity and improve overall farm performance.

Environmental Monitoring

Our system automatically integrates weather data with the lifecycle of your mussels, oysters*, or seaweed*. By connecting to sensors or importing data directly from your sensors (subject to ability to download data), we enhance forecasting capabilities and report on best practices for yield improvement, including biofouling control.