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New features in skipper mobile app

I’d like to personally thank everyone who installed the free version of our app in the last 3 weeks and sent us valuable feedback. If you haven’t noticed in the last 3 weeks our app had… 5 updates! That is thanks to you and feedback that we received.

If you haven’t installed skipper app yet – you can download it here:

Download Mussel App free version here:

What’s new in Skipper App

In only 3 weeks the team has introduced a range of cool functionality and worked really hard to fill the gaps noticed by you. If you’d like to see something new in the mobile app – reach out by responding to this email.

New settings tab where all magic happens

Under the settings tab you will find 4 new features:

  • Personal Information – where you can edit your name and in the future more information about you
  • Excel Export – if you’d like to export your data in Excel format and send it to any email address!
  • Synchronise Data – one of the biggest feedbacks we had was the inability to know how much data is synchronised with the premium version and how much is still stored on the device due to the lack of internet connection. This tab will now show you all that information and will allow you to manually synchronise your devices with the backend. If you lose your phone – this way all your data is backed up under your account!
  • Settings – where you can control the notifications sent by our app to your phone

We’re currently working on the ability for multiple phones to collect data about the same farm on the free version (the premium version already has this ability) and premium features for paid accounts.
If you’d like to see more functionality – reach out to us.

Get in touch to try our premium version.

Are you enjoying our free version and you’re curious about our premium features? Only until the end of winter, we’re offering 3 months of free access to the premium account.