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Paper form scanning – February update

In our latest newsletter we sent out a news about our paper scanning functionality.
We reached out to a few of you individually and found out that there’s a lot you’d like to tell us we have / don’t have in our paper forms.

So let’s make this message super simple:

This is how paper scanning works:

And here are the forms – yes free for everyone!

Disclaimer: while you can start collecting data on paper at any time, when you join Mussel App – old scanned data will not give you full functionality as it will be missing elements such as spat tracking, satelite information or weather information. It will give you basic information though. Only Mussel App users have full predictability based the data including the ones from paper forms.

We’re looking for feedback from you

Those forms work perfectly on the latest version of mobile Mussel App. However, we’d like to hear from you if they’re working or not for your mussel farm operations. Especially, if they’re not going to work – why? While some feedback was that we collect too much information – that’s fine, not all fields are required to fill but the more information you collect – the easier we will be able to predict your yield. But we’re looking for more into finding out whether we’re missing something because you think it’s very important to collect during the whole mussel farming process. Just respond to this email – we would very much appreciate the feedback!

As always, if you’re not yet a customer but are interested in a demo, or if you have suggestions for additional functionalities, please reach out to us at We’re here to guide you through our existing and upcoming features.